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Weldon Laboratories does only one thing – Coatings. The reason for this is simple. It is our belief that being truly good at something requires a high degree of experience and commitment, which can not be diluted among different fields of endeavor. So, while there are any number of laboratories which advertise expertise in numerous areas, we at Weldon Laboratories take pride in trying to be the best that we can be in only one thing – Coatings.

The various paint analysis and related services offered by Weldon Laboratories include the following:

Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings. Nobody expects a coating project to fail, but if it does the consequences can be severe. Not only is there the cost involved in fixing the problem, which can often be substantial, but there can also be other costs as well. If paint chips from a railroad tanker car contaminate a food product or other commodity, that shipment is ruined. If a factory is closed down because the paint on the concrete floor is blistering and needs repaired, there is significant loss of revenue from lost production time. And there is always the danger of a damaged reputation, which can have real financial consequences even if it is difficult to calculate. The staff of Weldon Laboratories has worked on well over a thousand paint failure analysis projects, spanning a variety of industries and coating types. We use our experience, along with microscopy and sophisticated analytical techniques, to help solve these problems.

On-site Failure Investigations. Many times coating failures can be solved by having the client send appropriate samples to the laboratory. However, unlike some laboratories, BridgeWeldon Laboratories can also send an experienced paint consultant to the jobsite for a first-hand look at the problem. Typically, such an investigation involves examining the project for the type and extent of failure, looking for patterns to the problem, taking field measurements such as coating thickness and adhesion, and collecting samples for further testing in our coatings laboratory. And, unlike many of our competitors, the person who does the jobsite investigation will be the same person who does the laboratory microscopic investigation, which is the first step in conducting a laboratory paint failure analysis. Therefore, nothing is lost in translation between the jobsite and the laboratory.

Expert Witness Testimony. Nobody wants to have a paint fail, and even fewer people want to go to court over it. Many times, the comprehensive failure analysis reports generated by Weldon Laboratories help to prevent more costly litigation expenses. But for those times when a project winds up in a courtroom, Weldon Laboratories has the ability to critique other parties’ reports, as well as to provide actual courtroom testimony.

Compositional Analysis of Paints and Coatings. There are numerous instances where a client may need a paint analyzed for composition. Often, such testing is needed to verify the volatile organic content (VOC) of a coating, or as part of the requirements for certain government or military projects. Our paint laboratory can perform many of the standard ASTM or governmental composition tests, such as VOC, % solids by weight and volume, % pigment, density, vehicle type, solvent identification, and many others.

Routine ASTM and NACE Testing of Coatings for Physical and Chemical Properties. There are many times when paint suppliers, painting applicators, and even facility owners need a paint tested to either a compositional or performance specification. Weldon Laboratories has a well equipped analytical and physical testing laboratory in order to provide such services.

Comparative Performance Testing/Product Evaluation. Trying to decide which manufacturer’s coating to use on your next big project? Not sure which generic coating type would be the best for your application? Weldon Laboratories has the experience to examine manufacturer’s product data sheets to narrow down the list. We also have the experience to design a testing program which emphasizes the properties which would be most important for your use, and the laboratory facilities to carry out the testing. Furthermore, if there is a test which we feel is important but which we do not perform in-house, we have the experience and technical contacts in the industry to find a laboratory which can perform the testing for us.

      Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is routinely used to investigate curing problems of baked thermoset coatings   GC-MS is a powerful tool not only for analyzing the solvent composition of coatings, but also for investigating blistering problems.    

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