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Welcome to Weldon Laboratories...
Weldon Laboratories, Inc. is an independent paint testing laboratory devoted exclusively to the physical testing, analytical testing, and failure analysis of paints and coatings.  Our experience and testing capabilities, along with the personal attention given to each and every project, has resulted in a national reputation for quality and integrity.  The staff has completed thousands of projects for numerous clients in a wide range of industries including:
  • Bridges
  • Railcars
  • Ships & Barges
  • Commercial & Residential Construction
  • Storage Tanks
  • Aviation
  • Concrete Floors
  • Furniture & Cabinetry
  • Chemical Process Vessels
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Power Generation
  • Pipeline
  • Transmission Towers
  • Coil Coated Sheet & Siding


Dwight Weldon's Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings is available from John Wiley and Sons at 1-800-225-5945, and also through SSPC and FSCT.

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Metallic debris from nearby blasting operations became embedded in fresh paint, which subsequently led to rust staining when the tank was eventually put in service.

Analysis by SEM-EDS of the back side of a coating which peeled from aluminum revealed that the problem was due to the formation of corrosion (aluminum oxide) aggravated by salt (sodium chloride) contamination beneath the coating.

Because our paint testing experience spans so many different industries, Weldon Laboratories is familiar with nearly all of the coating types in use today. We have worked on projects involving alkyds, epoxies, urethanes, moisture-cured urethanes, polyureas, polyaspartics, vinyls, acrylics, polyesters, coal tars, coal tar epoxies, inorganic and organic zinc-rich primers, fluorinated coatings, polysiloxanes, lacquers, conversion varnishes, phenolics, powder coatings, and more.

Although our paint laboratory is well equipped to do the routine ASTM, NACE, and military specification testing often required in the coatings industry, we are much more than just a paint testing laboratory. We provide coatings consulting and paint failure analysis services, and can even help design testing programs to evaluate new coating products.

Dwight Weldon, President of Weldon Laboratories, has over 25 years of experience in the paint and coatings industry. He is an SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialist (#407-312-0071) and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry from the University of Michigan and Michigan Technological University. In addition to routine physical and analytical testing of coatings, Mr. Weldon has worked on well over a thousand paint failure analysis projects involving nearly all types of paints and coatings in a variety of industrial and architectural applications. He has presented numerous lectures and workshops, and is the author of the well-known “Failure Analysis of Paints and Coatings”, published by John Wiley & Sons.

Under the Microscope

Dry-spraying of a coating can lead to poor flow and even loss of adhesion.


Xenon arc is just one type of accelerated weathering chamber maintained by Weldon Laboratories.



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